"Spread your content through the 'net like a virus!"
Brand New "Viralets" Will Spread Your Content All Over The Internet Like a Virus!

vi ' ra let (n.) 1. A small website endowed with viral marketing power, such that it spreads and spreads all over the Internet like a virus, all by itself. 2. The concept that brought the viral marketing power of the giants, like YouTube.com, MySpace.com, and Wikipedia.com, to anyone with an Internet connection and something to say (for FREE).

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Have you ever wanted to own a website which kept spreading and spreading all over the Internet like wildfire, because everyone who visited it couldn't help but tell all their friends about it?

You see, there's a little psychological phenomenon you can harness to turn just about any content on the Internet into a little website that spreads like a virus -- all by itself.

And no, we don't mean a web page that will give you a disease or a computer virus. A viral web page is not an actual virus!

Viral marketing, also known as "word of mouth" marketing, is all about getting people to tell other people about what you're trying to market. A viral web site is one which people just can't help but tell other people about.

When thousands of people are all telling eachother about your website, it sure beats having to do it yourself! And that's exactly how YouTube.com, MySpace.com, Wikipedia.com, and all the other giants of today's Internet did it. They never spent a dime on advertising.

So if it's not an actual virus, why is it called "viral marketing" then?

When music, products, websites, and ideas spread extremely quickly by word of mouth, it actually really does mimic the behavior of a virus.

Think about it. You create a website, and you tell 5 people about it. You could think of it like you just "infected" those 5 people with the idea of your website.

But, since the website is "viral," those 5 people are going to be telling their friends about it too! So, those 5 people "infect" their friends. And then they "infect" their friends. And the process keeps repeating itself.

Before you know it, everyone on the 'net knows about your site, and all you did was get it started by telling a few people!

You've probably seen this happen so many times before to other sites, but now you're going to learn why this happens to some sites and not others, and how to harness that power for yourself...

What makes a website more viral than another?

Plain and simple: a website is viral if people who visit it tell their friends about it.

So, one way to make your site viral is to make it "so incredibly cool" that everyone who visits it will just have to tell their friends about it.

And indeed, there have been quite a few sites which have succeeded in this way.

The problem is, however, it's really hard to control how "incredibly cool" your site is. It's not a very solid thing to rely on if you have got to get your content out there.

Or, what if you have content that you want to spread, but you've already put it out there, and apparently it isn't "cool" enough, because people aren't telling their friends about it?

A better term for "cool" might be "naturally viral." Some content on the Internet is naturally viral if you can just throw it up on a website, tell a few people, and all of a sudden before you know it you're getting millions of hits.

I suspect if your content is already like this, you wouldn't be reading this page, however.

As it turns out, most valuable information isn't naturally viral. In other words, it doesn't trigger people to tell anyone about it. Just think about all the great websites you surf to, or blog posts that you read, but never actually took the time to send an email to anyone about.

Understanding what makes a certain piece of content naturally viral is highly complex, and to be honest there is not yet a complete theory on what controls this. So, most naturally viral websites these days end up being viral due to luck, to be honest.

So how can you make any content viral, even if it isn't "naturally" viral? Surely there must be a way that isn't based on luck!

How I suddenly turned a regular site into a massively viral one...

One day, I was working on a fairly regular website of mine. It wasn't viral, so I had to put in effort to get every visitor that I wanted. As we all know, this can take a lot of work.

I knew that the secret was going to be to make it viral, so that people would just tell eachother about it and I wouldn't have to worry about marketing anymore.

But, how?

Then, suddenly, I had a massive realization about the power of curiosity.

You see, curiosity is a very funny thing.

If you're in the middle of a great movie or a conversation and you get interrupted, you're going to do what it takes to get back to it and find out what happens next, right? It's not really even something you have a choice about. You have to find out what happens next.

What I figured out how to do was harness this intense curiosity, and convert it into "viral energy" which caused my visitors to tell all their friends about my site.

And boy, did it work.

Do you want to know how I did it?

Chances are, since you're still reading, you do. This means that you're curious, right? Well, let this curiosity serve as a demonstration, then.

Think about this for a moment. I don't have to give away my secret for free, right? I could charge you for it. But instead, what if I merely asked you to spread the word about my website in exchange for me telling you the answer?

You do me a favor, of spreading the word about my site (if you liked it so far), and I'll tell you the rest of the story.

Now, for the record, I won't do that here -- I'm spilling it all right on this page. But, that's the essence of how I did it.

You see, I set up a site based on this principle, and it was amazing. I set up a website where I gave away some pretty good stuff for free, but I told them that in exchange for me making all of it available for free, if they liked it they should tell some people about my site.

Well, people liked what I showed them on the front page of my site, so they had no problem telling their friends about it. And, they were so curious about the rest of what I had to say, that they actually did tell all their friends about it.

They just needed that little nudge to actually open their email client and do it!

And of course, when their friends came to the site, they were curious about the rest too, so they told all their friends as well. And the process kept repeating itself!

Bingo, a viral website!

Before I knew it, I was getting thousands of hits every day, and I was making sales left and right.

I had successfully harnessed curiosity to transform content that wouldn't have been naturally viral into an insanely viral website.

The 5-Step Recipe For An Instant "Viralet"

This is where viralets.com come in. I spent a while refining my theory about small viral web pages, and I ended up with a complete model which I dubbed the "viralet." With a free account on our site, you can make an unlimited number of these little "viralets." Here's how they work.

First, upload some content to viralets.com, to make it available for free on a "viralet" web page on our servers. You can put whatever you want here, including text, HTML, audio, video, and Flash. There should be enough content here that people enjoy reading it (or listening to it, or watching it) to the extent that they would want to tell their friends about it. But, don't give it all away. Make them curious for the rest.

(This is less like a movie preview, more like actually showing them the first half of the movie.)
Then, send as many visitors as possible to this site.
Next, strike a deal with your visitors. They want to see the rest for free, and you want them to tell their friends about your site. So, you'll only show them the rest of the site after they tell their friends about it. It's beautiful, because they'll only want to tell their friends about your site if they actually liked it -- but, they'll only want to see the rest if they liked it as well! So, nobody will ever be asked to tell their friends about your site unless they like it! (our server completely takes care of this step for you)
After they tell their friends, you will give them the rest of the site. But, of course, the friends that they told will visit your site, and enter this process at step 1 again. So, they'll read it, and if they want to read the rest, they will tell their friends. This process keeps happening over and over again and before your know it you'll be swimming in visitors. (our server completely takes care of this step for you as well)
Let the viralet do the work. If you're selling something, since you have free reign over the content of your viralets, you are free to sell to your visitors at any point during this viralet process. So, viralets can be quite profitable. Or, if you're trying to get any message across for that matter, viralets can do it -- just put your message in the viralet and the viralet will spread your message across the Internet for you.

Although it sounds simple, it is extremely powerful. Let me assure you that there is no way to fully grasp the power of a viralet until you've tried one yourself.

What can you do with a viralet once it's getting tons of visitors?

You have complete control over the content of your viralet. You can put anything there you want! So, the real question is, what do you want to give massive exposure to?
  • Use viralets to sell your products - Do you have a product you want to sell? You can promote it on your viralet web page, and more and more people every day will have an opportunity to buy it as your viralet spreads across the Internet!

  • Use viralets to build your email list - Having an email newsletter is one of the best things to do if you're in the Internet Marketing business. You can easily put a subscription form for your email list on your viralet web page, and watch your subscriber count skyrocket!

  • Use viralets to make your voice heard - Is there something you want to spread the word about? Do you have an opinion about an issue and want your voice to be heard? Viralets are the perfect medium because they are free and they spread fast.

  • Use viralets to become famous - Have you ever dreamed of becoming famous? Every day word-of-mouth marketing on Internet makes a new international celebrity. Upload your writing, music, or film to your viralet and let the fans roll in.

  • Use viralets to raise money - Is there a charity, event, or organization you'd like to raise money for? Put an online donation box on your viralet (using a site like PayPal), and raise the money you need.

  • Use viralets to collect survey data - Whether you're trying to sell something, or just trying to learn something, running surveys over the Internet is an amazing way to collect valuable data. Put a survey on your viralet and let it's massive exposure bring you enough visitors to answer your questions.

  • Use viralets to do just about anything - As you can see, viralets are the perfect platform for just about anything on the Internet which needs a massive amount of high quality, targeted visitors. We'll provide the tools, you decide how you want to use them...
Sound good? Well, it's even better. Because the site you're visiting right now will let you make your own "viralets" for free, and you don't even need to know how to program computers, or even have your own web server. We take care of it all.

But words don't do it justice -- see for yourself!

Here's What You Get Inside Your Free Viralets.com Membership

Instant Access To Our Viralets Workshop - Our sophisticated software lets anyone with an Internet connection design viralets. You don't need any programming experience since our scripts take care of everything. Just input your content, and within minutes you'll have a custom URL you can start sending people to to start the avalanche of free traffic!

Free Use Of Our Viralets Script - We've written an advanced viralet script which takes care of all the scripting required to send emails to people's friends, complete with anti-hacker security. Our scripts will serve your visitors the proper content, ask them to tell their friends, and then give them the rest of the content only if they do tell their friends. It's all automated so you don't have to think about the scripting!

Free Use Of Our Web Servers - You don't need to worry about web hosting, or the fact that once your viralet starts getting flooded with visitors your server won't be able to handle the heat. We have all the server power you'll need, and experienced technicians to keep them up. You provide the content, we worry about the web hosting.

Free Report: 3 Deadly Viral Mistakes - There are three mistakes which just about everyone makes until they learn about them, when it comes to making a site like this viral. We've written a free report on just this topic, which we'd like to pretend is required reading for all of our customers, since it is so vital to viral marketing. You can find this report in the member's area.

How To Get Started Making Your Own "Viralets" Right Now

In a moment, you will be set up with your own viralets.com account for free.

You'l be able to log into our "Viralet Workshop," and create as many viralets as you want using our intuitive interface.

We've taken many measures to make sure it's so easy to use, even the most computer illiterate person could figure it out.

And, inside our member's area, we have even more valuable information about viral marketing and how to really make your viralets as viral as possible.

You can put any content you want on each viralet you make, and each one will have it's own special URL (which you can pick). Then, all you have to do is send people to that URL, and sit back and watch the avalanche of traffic come to your viralet.

The "viralet process" described above will be set in motion, and before long your website will be getting more and more hits from around the world every day.

We'll take care of the web hosting, and make sure that your site can handle all the hits it gets.

It's up to you what you want to put on your viralet, so you are free to do anything, including sell whatever you like.

So, you know what to do...

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